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08.23.07 / inko9nito

Design Blogs

I’m not a regular subscriber of any blog in particular, I just stumble upon some blogs when searching for something, bookmark them, and forget to come back to them. One of those blogs is A List Apart which I visit quite often, but I’m not too crazy about their writing style.

A List Apart is an online magazine for web developers which has multiple authors and publishes articles on topics like coding, design, and content-writing for the web. When I get to one of their posts, I don’t so much read the posts as I look at the embedded code samples and screenshots. Their writing is kind of dry and boring, plus, I usually get what I need just from the samples. One of the articles I refer to a lot is Taming Lists. I don’t think I’ve ever read anything on that page, but it’s pretty obvious what’s going on just by looking at sample lists and the code behind them.

Another blog I started reading recently belongs to Pidgin‘s new graphics guy – Hylke Bons. He did the new smiley theme for them, and developed some new icons for the buddylist and such. I found his site when I was going through Pidgin’s developers list, found his name and googled him (very stalker-like, I know) because I liked the new graphics (what they had before was pretty bad). There isn’t much about him, but all I know is that – according to his “About” page – he is from Groningen, Netherlands and that he makes good graphics, although, the design of his page may mislead you.

I also subscribe to Official Google Gmail Blog and Official Google Blog (and as of today, Google Talkabout) through Google Reader (I kind of became a Google freak since Gmail came out), but I don’t read them very often because I forget to check up on it. So when I do, I usually have 10-15 posts waiting for me.


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