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08.23.07 / inko9nito

Waste of time

After spending a few hours on creating a new layout for this blog, when I started writing CSS for it, I found out that you can’t customize accounts hosted on!! Oh, wait, you can except, you have to pay for customizing your blog!

Hoping to be able to use it when I finally re-register my own domain (which should be in 37 days).

Anyway, the layout I’ll hopefully use when I host my own blog:

P.S. Do NOT register your domain through Melbourne IT!! Made a mistake of registering my domain with Windows Live (yes, I know, very stupid), who in turn registered it with Melbourne IT. Then, of course, I changed my mind and had to go through a long and painful process of canceling my account (Windows Live) and canceling the domain (Melbourne).

I was told that I have to wait 30 days for it to expire and then I can register it. 32 days later it was still “unavailable” and I was told that I had to wait 40 more days for them to purge it out of their system. So yes, big mistake.



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  1. outsidethetext / Aug 23 2007 10:07 am

    Sorry Vera, I should have mentioned this was one of the limitations to using a free host like WordPress of Blogger or even edublogs. If it is any consolation I think the screenshot of your template looks great, you should consider sharing it with the wordpress community once you have tested it out.

  2. inko9nito / Aug 23 2007 4:56 pm

    Thank you! Except I won’t be able to share it because that girl is kind of my identity/logo (it’s a silhouette of one of my photos, except I added the hair, arms, hat…) and my portfolio site will be centered around her.

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