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08.26.07 / inko9nito

Windows – Part of the Punishment

What makes an article about EliteTorrents ex-admin who was arrested and sentenced to five months of home confinement different? It gets worse – he is a Linux user who had to switch to Windows because the government only has monitoring apps available for Windows.

If you think doing five months of hard time in the slammer for uploading a feature film to the internet is tough, try using Windows for nearly half a year when your heart belongs to Linux.

The most interesting part about the article was that it focused on the “cruel and unusual” part of the punishment rather than what he did to deserve it and how long he spent in jail, which is the usual approach in these situations. It creates an impression that him having to switch to Windows is even worse than the half a year he spent in jail.

But that’s exactly what would compel the Engadget audience to read the article – its unique presentation and, of course, the headline: “Linux user forced to use Windows as part of home confinement.” Any Linux user (or ex-Linux user like myself) would be interested in reading the article, just because of the headline, because they/we can relate to it.


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