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08.30.07 / inko9nito

Cure Against PDF Phobia

So you’re browsing around and see something you’re interested in. *click* Oh no, it’s a PDF file! What ever shall you do?! Sure, you have the PDF Download add-on for your Firefox to warn you that you’re opening a PDF file, but it’s still going to take FOREVER to load the document! Have no fear, Adobe Reader SpeedUp is here to help!

According to CNET’s video about the SpeedUp, it prevents Adobe from loading extra plugins that most of us don’t use anyway, which is the main reason why it takes so long for the Reader to start. I installed it and I really did notice a difference. Try it out.


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  1. brandontonio / Sep 1 2007 1:07 am

    I must say… BRAVO!
    I have been waiting for something to come along that would save me the terror of clicking on PDF’s… thank you thank you thank you.
    really wish I had something insightful on this, but Im just glad to have found it!

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