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09.06.07 / inko9nito

Meet the iPods

If you used your browser today you probably already know about the new members of the Apple family (and the death of the 4GB iPods). If the news somehow escaped you, you have two choices – read an article on CNN (or other MSM site) or head over to a technology blog like Engadget.

MSNBC’s Newsweek article about the new iPods is basically a summary of new features with pretty detailed descriptions and prices, as is expected. If you want a quick update on Apple’s affairs that’s a great article to read, especially since it gives you just enough information to get by and surprisingly enough doesn’t bore you (MSM articles really aren’t the most fun to read) with tedious details like who said what, where, at what time and what color hat he was wearing. However, if you want more information and, thus, more links to that extra information you won’t find that here. Think of it as reading a traditional newspaper.

For those of us who live and breathe technology, blogs like Engadget are a better and, perhaps, a more likely source of choice. Sure, they present the same facts about the same story but in addition to all that you also get the information that is important to you (in most cases) and in a language that you would hear on the street. So, it’s like listening to your geeky friend.

And yes, this thing actually has WiFi. Of note, the built-in wireless antenna isn’t exactly attractive, but if it means that we can surf the web (YouTube included) and buy tunes on our iPod, we suppose it may be an acceptable flaw.

Newsweek’s article touched upon the new WiFi capability, but the guys at Engadget went even further and told us how the antenna looked and that it probably wasn’t the iPod’s best feature from aesthetic point of view. Sometimes the criticism of new gadgets and its features is more desirable than the objectivity and the detachment of the mainstream media news. Engadget will not only inform you about the new and cool gadgets, but it also analyze the features, the prices, and other factors that would affect the buyer’s decision – something you can’t expect from the MSM or especially the product manufacturers. I’m sure most people won’t reject the new iPod just based on how the antenna looks, but some may think twice before buying one (they’ll just wait till the G2 comes out).

Want more information? Engadet’s 200-something-word post is filled with external links for your further enlightenment, as opposed the lengthy Newsweek’s article with just one link, an internal one at that. Unlike the usual Engadget’s posts, this one abounds with direct quotes from Steve Jobs, which is quite unusual, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the post was written at the Keynote address.

When reading Engadget’s blogs there is a feeling that the guys writing them are regular consumers just like you and I with similar views and tastes. The posts are much more personal. They just “get” you. When it comes to reading about consumer products, independent blogs such as Engadget are more appealing and useful than the dry facts-only version of the MSM articles.

Not such a great idea…

What about a hybrid? An MSM blog as opposed to a regular article? TIME’s blog had an article about the new iPod touch that left me disillusioned. Although the writing style is conversational, like that of a blog, the post was still lacking.

…the Touch can do something the iPhone can’t: download songs directly from iTunes…

If I hadn’t watched the keynote before I read this article, I would be rather surprised to hear that the oh-so-revolutionary iPhone doesn’t have a feature that its younger cousin does. In reality though, both the touch and the iPhone have that functionality. MSM blogs have lost their credibility, to me.

P.S. Wow this post is huge! Terribly sorry…


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