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09.11.07 / inko9nito

Unlocking the iPhone

Okay, I really don’t have a crazy obsession with Apple products, they are just the ones that Engadget seems to write the most about, especially the infamous iPhone and its no longer exclusive affair with AT&T.

Ever since the introduction of the iPhone, the fact that it was only available for AT&T customers caused a major uproar amongst those who had bad experience with the company or simply don’t like to be limited to just one carrier. It took less than a month for the disgruntled “rebels” to unlock it. First was Geohot’s hardware hack which was not very safe, but “healthier” software hack alternatives followed soon thereafter. Some were so desperate as to trade three iPhones and a car for one unlocked one.

Naturally, AT&T wasn’t too crazy about losing its exclusivity but the new software still went through. Now, wouldn’t Apple have known better than to restrict their iPhones to just one carrier (though their first choice was Verizon)?

AT&T spokesman Mark Siegel and Apple spokeswoman Jennifer Bowcock said their companies had no comment on Hotz’ exploit. –USA TODAY

Weren’t they prepared for this? If people bothered to unlock these plain ol’ phones, why would they skip out on the opportunity to unlock such a hot new toy as the iPhone? Seems a bit naïve, no? Or do they have a plan? You tell me!


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