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09.19.07 / inko9nito


Luckily this concert was at Nokia Theater and not at an outside stadium like at the Edgefest this spring. Large outside stadiums and music aren’t the greatest combination, unless of course you’re listening to something loud like Ruoska (no, they’re not Russian, they’re Finnish). But even then, I’d rather listen to them indoors to get the full experience.

Two very strange bands opened for them, one of which was Juliette Lewis‘s The Licks. One of the strangest performances I’ve ever witnessed. I didn’t care for them much.

Finally, Muse came out and the crowd went crazy. I immediately started taking pictures and videos. I sang along with all of their songs except two because they didn’t make it to my iPod (songs under 2 minutes don’t make the cut). I thought my voice would be gone the next day but it wasn’t, I guess I didn’t try hard enough. This was definitely the best concert I’ve ever been to.

Watch some of my videos over here. “The New Born” and “Take a Bow” were especially good. Why? You’re just gonna have to watch them, now won’t ya? I tried to keep the camera as steady as possible. Promise!


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