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10.10.07 / inko9nito

Surprise from Google News

If you use Google News you may have noticed that article images don’t always match the content. Google does admit to the fact and allows a way for the users to report images that are out of context. My boyfriend spotted one of those out-of-context images today in the Health section, and it was definitely worth a screenshot (you may want to tell your kids to leave the room). Having me describe the image is unnecessary if you clicked on the screenshot…

Although it appeared next to an article about STDs, one can argue that it is somewhat appropriate, but the subtitle under it read “Dog Flu Diet and Diseases.” But that’s just half the story. A search for the headline was even more intriguing.

Other news aggregators on the web like also had the article and even the same image. Hovering over the link to the article revealed that it was retrieved from Google News along with the image, so the infamous image made its appearance on more than one site. The original article came from Mercury News but it wasn’t accompanied by any images. Searching for the subtitle of the image didn’t return anything interesting.

Although – according to James – the Google team promptly removed the image along with the whole article from their Health section, didn’t catch on soon enough which allowed me to take a screenshot of my own.

I don’t know who did it or whether it was intentional, but the eye-catching lime green background suggests that whoever it was, he wanted you to see the image. Thanks to the elimination of human editors and leaving the news reporting up to Google’s (so far) faulty aggregation algorithms Google News is not only a source of news but also a source of amusement.


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