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11.21.07 / inko9nito

“Read It Later” Extension for Firefox

Just this morning I saw an article about the old Sesame Street episodes not being suitable for children of today. That seemed pretty stupid to me so I wanted to come back to it and read it later since I didn’t have the time right now. Bookmarking it would mean that it would get lost with the hundreds of other bookmarks that I forget to come back to. So instead, I dragged the favicon from the address bar to my desktop so I would for sure remember to read it later.

However, there is no need for that now! Thanks to Alex, I found out about the new extensions for Firefox called Read It Later, which allows you to do just that! You can use the toolbar buttons (as well as right-clicking on the page) to mark pages to be read later, or you can right-click on a link and add it to the “read later” list.

As you read the links you can mark them as “read” and/or add them to your favorite bookmarking site like Digg or How awesome is that?!

Anyway, here’s the link again. The page also has a video that basically summarizes the extension’s functions.

The only problem I found is that if you don’t add the “reading list” button to the toolbar, there isn’t a way to get to it through the Tools menu. Maybe it’s hiding somewhere else?

The screenshot: for the record, I don’t use a mac, I just use the iFox skin for Firefox.


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