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11.27.07 / inko9nito

Stop Junk Mail and Help Plant Trees

I must confess, I’m guilty of clicking on an online ad…but it was worth it! Apparently there is a site called GreenDimes, where you can sign up to stop junk mail! It costs $15 to sign up for 90% elimination of junk mail, but if you sign up through their GreenDimes MySpace page you pay $12! Yea, I know it’s only $3 but when you are a starving artist (or just starving) it might make a big difference. It should take about 3 months for you stop receiving junk mail.

Not only are you going to be saving trees (and water!), you’ll also help plant trees as GreenDimes plants 10 trees on your behalf through these organizations.

If you like trees you can also sign a petition to stop Junk Mail. Don’t believe in petitions? Four words: Do Not Call List. Believe it.

Don’t want to sign up for GreenDimes? You can register with the Direct Marketing Association and pay $1 for each name you enter. They will keep your info on file for 5 years. If you change your name or address you’ll have to re-register (they don’t say that on the registration page though).



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  1. Mark / Jan 14 2008 7:53 pm

    great stuff great site.

  2. George / Jun 18 2009 5:42 am

    Very interesting… thanks.

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