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01.04.08 / inko9nito

Election 2008 “Candidate Match” Quiz

I bought a Sony Reader for my dad at PriceGrabber (they were sold out everywhere else!) for Christmas. When I came back to the site I noticed a neat little feature they had – Election 2008 info and tools! Although I’m not a citizen and can’t vote, I still found it pretty interesting.

You can take a “Candidate Match” quiz to see which candidates agree with you on the issues, look up summaries of the candidates’ stances on major issues, and even filter them by their responses.

Take the quiz here, it’s pretty useful, especially if you are unsure about where your candidate stands on issues that are important to you (like Net Neutrality!!).

My best match was Dannis Kucinich (41% match). I expected Barack to be closer, but he and I disagreed on some of the foreign policy issues, which to me really isn’t that big of a deal as long as US doesn’t go out of its way to rape and pillage third world countries.


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