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07.17.08 / inko9nito

Basecamp Widget for Adobe AIR

So if you’re a regular Basecamp user you probably hate their interface and wish you could change it. Or…you wish there was a cute little widget you can have floating around your desktop, notifying you of new messages and to-dos and such. There is one, but it’s an Apple Dashboard Widget and if you’re a Windows or Linux user you’re out of luck (as always, when it comes to pretty things).

Well, I had the pleasure of speaking to the developer of this awesome app (pictured below) and asked if I got enough “votes” for making a similar AIR app for the rest of us would he do it. And he said, and I quote – “Perhaps ;-)”.

So, leave a comment and I’ll point him to this post when we have enough!

You know you want to use this for your projects. Let him know and leave a comment.

UPDATE: If you don’t want to wait for an AIR app for Basecamp, AlertThingie just added this functionality to their new app. It’s not nearly as powerful as the widget above, but if you want a twitter-like feed of Basecamp activities, it’ll do the job.

03.27.08 / inko9nito

Pocket Guitar fix for 1.1.4

I finally found a fix (that works!) for Pocket Guitar for 1.1.4 firmware.

  1. In the Installer, add the following source: “”
  2. Go to Install -> Toys. There will be 2 Pocket Guitar packages. Doesn’t matter which one you choose. Install.
  3. Once it installs, you’ll see a red circle on the Update button, so tap that and update it.

The only problem I found with this method is that even after you update, the update notification doesn’t go away, but the app does work.

via PocketGuitar discussion on Google Code

02.27.08 / inko9nito

MobileChat 2.1 works on 1.1.3

I haven’t seen it on the installer yet, but there is a new version of Mobile Chat that works on 1.1.3. No Google talk though 😦 Get it here.

02.24.08 / inko9nito

“Sticky Footer” that stays at the bottom of the screen

This solution by Ryan Fait keeps the footer div at the bottom of the browser window no matter how big or small the window is and doesn’t overlap with the content above it.

I’ve been looking for an easy way to do this for a while and this is exactly what I wanted. The only drawback is that you have to add an extra div inside the wrapper, but you could probably make use of it if you hate empty divs.